Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2012

1st May 2012 | Photo: © Manfred Werner
Hubert von Goisern - Amadeus Awards

All the big names of the Austrian music business gathered at the Vienna Volkstheater for the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards on Tuesday. After a long stay in the charts with his album Entwederundoder, Hubert von Goisern was able to take home not just the award in the category Pop/Rock, but the prize for Album of the Year too. Together with his band Hubert also celebrated the evening on stage, playing Suach da an åndern before an enthusiastic crowd. In just a few weeks, the band will be back on the road, continuing the Brenna Tuats Tour through Austria and Germany.

Von Goisern & Gabalier sweep the board

News 2nd May 2012 | Text: APA/red

You know how it is: if you have to miss a family event one time, you look forward to the next time even more. That's how it was on Tuesday evening at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards ceremony in the Vienna Volkstheater, which after a break the year before invited the Austrian music scene together and in turns of prize winners, was strongly coloured by dialect. And because it's better to celebrate when everyone's happy, the total of 13 awards were distributed fairly - only Hubert von Goisern and Andreas Gabalier took home two each.

Whereby von Goisern thanked "the world and his wife", but above all his manager of many years, Hage Hein. There was much applause for the distinctions in the categories "Pop/Rock" and "Album of the Year" for EntwederUndOder. "Such votes are often a lottery. And I feel like I've won the jackpot." A few minutes before the show, he emphasised the significance of the Amadeus as a business conference that feels like a family celebration. "And awards are a better occasion than a funeral, said the two-time award winner to be.

That was the Amadeus Music Awards 2012

Vienna Online 2nd May 2012 | Text: APA/Red.

[...] Dialect proves popular: Andreas Gabalier, number one in Austria in 2011 with his best-selling albums, won in the categories Best Live Act and Schlager, while following his first number one hit Brenna tuats guat Hubert von Goisern was delighted with his Amadeus for Album of the Year (EntwederUndOder) and the Pop/Rock award.

"An evening like this casts long shadows. I hope that these prizes don't drive us apart, but rather that Austria's big music family grows closer together with such evenings," von Goisern said on stage.