Books by and featuring Hubert von Goisern

  • Salz Seen Land - Julia Kospach, Elisabeth Schweeger (Pub.) (2024)

    salz seen land Naturally compact, shaped by mountains, lakes and rivers that divide as well as connect, the Salzkammergut stands as an example to many other parts of the world, showing how we can meet the increasing political, cultural, commercial and environmental challenges facing Europe and the globe. Renowned figures from literature, the sciences and arts give deep insights into the region, its culture and people. With contributions from Conchita Wurst, René Freund, Barbara Frischmuth, Hubert von Goisern, Günter Kaindlstorfer, Helga Rabl-Stadler and more.

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  • Flüchtig - von Hubert Achleitner (2020)

    flüchtigMaria has disappeared. Herwig, to whom she has been married for almost thirty years, hasn't heard from her in months. The fact that she quit her job and took his Volvo at least gives reason to hope that she's still alive. But what has happened to their marriage, their love, their life together? Hubert Achleitner sends his protagonists on an adventurous journey, which takes them from the Austrian mountains, across Europe to Greece, and which above all turns out to be a highly emotional inward journey for them both.

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  • Der Welt entlang: Vom Zauber der Dichterlandschaften (2016)

    der welt entlangIn eighteen sensitively drawn portraits, Brita Steinwendtner connects the stories of landscape and life from the writers she interviews against their works in an enlightening manner. A journey along the world in reality and in the realms of fantasy - a splendid literary search for clues, which shines new light on the familiar and the unknown. Photographs by Wolf Steinwendtner show people and landscapes in yet another dimension. Interviews with: Hubert von Goisern, Monika Helfer and Michael Köhlmeier, Friederike Mayröcker, Alfred Komarek, Adolf Muschg, Ilija Trojanow and many more.

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  • Gebete für Papst Franziskus (2014)

    gebete für papst franziskusPope Francis is a "whirlwind". He openly addresses the wounds of the church and sets an example in challenging people to think again. A breath of fresh air is blown through the church. In this book more than 130 authors have given their prayers for the Pope and the church. They are personal prayers, spoken from various viewpoints, many different thoughts, which fit together like mosaic stones into one big prayer. Ultimately they also invite you, the reader, to join in and take part. With contributions from Archbishop Schönborn, Governor of Upper Austria Josef Pühringer, musician Hubert von Goisern, journalist Eva Weissenberger and many more.

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  • Hat das Christkind Hosen an? (2012)

    hat das christkind hosen an?An essential question has as yet not been posed: how do men and women differ in their perception of the Christkind? Uncovering this last remaining Christmas secret is the aim of Does the Christkind wear trousers?, the third volume in the successful Christkind anthology. The authors of the Christmas stories within include Hubert von Goisern, Heinz Nussbaumer, Manfred Perterer and Bernhard Lichtenberger.

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  • Entwederundoder Songbook (2012)

    entwederundoder songbookThe 32 page book contains the score and lyrics for all twelve songs on Hubert von Goisern's hit album Entwederundoder, as well as a great poster of the band.

    Brenna tuats guat, Indianer, Halt nit an, Heidi halt mi, I versteh di nit, Es is wias is, Nit lang her, Lebwohl, I kenn oan, Suach da an andern, ÜUOÖ (Über-Unter-Ober-Österreicher) und Neama Bang.

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  • Stromlinien: Ein Logbuch - von Hubert von Goisern (2010)

    stromlinienThis book tells the story of the journey that Hubert von Goisern and his friends undertook on a cargo ship converted to a stage ship. With a floating, musical, singing village, as he called it, he sailed the Danube upstream and downstream through new Europe, from the centre to the very edges, from Linz to Rotterdam and down to the Black Sea. He tells of encounters with people along the river banks, of musical colleagues from a dozen different countries, of joint concerts, of the longing for freedom and distance and of a vision: unity in variety. Music is the common language and the message. And Hubert von Goisern is an artist who carries this out into the world, who looks for understanding and exchange across all boundaries. And so he sets off on journeys, off to uncharted territory and returns time and again as a new person.

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  • Weit, weit weg: Die Welt des Hubert von Goisern (2009)

    weit, weit wegIn 1992 Hubert von Goisern found fame across all borders with the song Koa Hiatamadl. He was considered as the most successful representative of "new folk music" and had become the founder of so-called "alpine rock". Yet his position on his musical trail between boundaries had barely been defined before he was somewhere else - departing and arriving to explore the sound of the world. And since then he has reinvented himself time and time again.

    Bernhard Flieher has followed these journeys through many destinations and both the biographical and musical development, from the beginnings to present day. Along the way he describes the path that has been taken: straight ahead.

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  • Reisen durch Oberösterreich (2008)

    reisen durch oberösterreich

    200 years ago Joseph August Schultes published the results of his intensive research into Upper Austria. Under the patronage of Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer this historic first travel guide for the Salzkammergut and Traunviertel is being republished in a facsimile reproduction. The historic standard text has been supplemented with a handbook with new contributions from famous artists and experts from the Salzkammergut. The authors explain their love for their homeland, tempt you to read Schultes' two volumes and give a short outline of the development of the country in the last 200 years. Contributors: Hannes Androsch, Barbara Frischmuth, Hubert von Goisern, Markus Habsburg-Lothringen, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Miguel Herz-Kestranek, Josef Pühringer and many more.

    ISBN: 978-3-85499-483-1

  • Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht (mit CD) (2005)

    stille nacht

    24. 12. 1818. A small town in Austria. Hunger reigns, poverty spreads. A curate, Joseph Mohr, and a teacher, Franz Xaver Gruber, want to make a gift for the people on Christmas Eve. The song "Silent Night - Holy Night" emerges and is premiered the same evening in a church. People go home on this evening, deeply moved with a true gift. The story is fascinating for young and old, the result is a true family book. Hubert von Goisern has interpreted the song in its original version exclusively for this release.

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  • Gipfeltreffen (2004)


    Book accompanying the TV series - contains all there is to know about the walks and each chapter is supplemented with the best sentences and dialogue from the interviews, as well as photos, little stories and anecdotes for which there was no room in the programme. Also included: Hubert von Goisern's interview.

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  • Hubert von Goisern und die Musikindustrie (2001)

    hubert von goisern und die musikindustrie

    Michael Huber writes about Hubert von Goisern's career and his relationship with the music industry. Includes interviews with HvG, his manager etc.
    To order this book for 10 €, write to: Institut für Musiksoziologie
    Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
    Schubertring 14

  • Berg-Sommerbilder (1995)


    A collection of stories and memories from celebrities familiar with the mountain world. Each entry is accompanied by a watercolour painting by Michael Stiegler. Among the contributors are Hubert von Goisern, Reinhold Messner and Paul Flora.

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  • Schräg Dahoam (1995)

    schräg dahoam

    Christian Seiler edits a collection of writings from a variety of journalists considering the future of folk music. The book includes interviews with Hubert von Goisern, Thomas, Meinecke and Georg Ringsgwandl. There is also a chapter looking at HvG's music and style.

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