Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2001

"Moaning organisation officials do not find any successors": folk music debate

OÖN 14th May 2001 | Text: Helmut Wimmer

... The "star guest" of the discussion was alpine rock guru Hubert von Goisern. He is evidence that breaks in folk culture - although always criticised by traditionalists - are at the same time a departure for the new, that will soon become classics themselves. One should take nothing as absolute.

"Imagine it, everyone would be the same as me! That would not be endured," Hubert illustrated the need for variety. He shook his head about Prof. Rudi Pietsch from the Vienna Institute for folk music research, who the day before in another debate has said that Hubert's sounds would not be folk music because there was no second voice ....

Autograph on the VIP Lion

OÖN 16th May 2001

The star of the Bad Ischl Folk Music Days was naturally Hubert von Goisern, who was recently awarded the Amadeus, the Austrian music prize in the category of the Best National Solo Artist. Whoever knows the singer knows that he does not mince his words. In a "thank you" speech for the award, he was also not sparing in his criticism of public service broadcasting, above all, the programming of Ö3. But radio director Manfred Jochum and Friedrich Urban, director of the national studio Salzburg argued openly with the criticism. On Saturday evening at a concert in the Kongress and Theaterhaus, the singer and representative of a 'new' folk music entertained with, among others Hundsbuam and played some songs from his CD Trad and could not help putting his autograph on the VIP Lion of the Bad Ischl Lions Club.

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Neues Volksblatt May 2001 | Text: h.h.

Last weekend, the first Bad Ischl Folk Music Days went onto the stage. After the dignified opening in the Kurpark, where the little amble of the Bad Ischl brass band provided for the musical prelude, a passionately led debate began with a panel discussion in the Kongresshaus. Last Wednesday, Hubert von Goisern was awarded the Amadeus, the Austrian music prize, and in his acceptance speech, he was not sparing in his criticism of public service broadcasting, especially the programming of Ö3. Radio director Jochum and Friedrich Urban, director of the national studio Salzburg argued very openly with these criticisms, Yes, and then there was still the discussion about why Hubert von Goisern did not play any folk music. Music ethnologist Rudi Pietsch thinks that because Über d' Alma on the Trad CD is not sung in two parts, it manages to stand out. In the evening, at the Lehàrtheater, there were musical high points in four parts: primitive with the Hundsbuam from Bavaria, followed by the sensitive, fine variants from Bavario, before the native folk music appeared through Hohtraxlecker Sprungschanznmusi. The culmination was then the appearance of Hubert von Goisern, who was accompanied by Burkhard Frauenlob on the piano and percussionist Bernd Bechtloff. Hans Pammer from the Upper Austrian Adult Education and Dr Alexander Jalkotzy from the Institute for Folk Culture, as well as councillor Christine Adle were in agreement that this event should be a fixed point on the Bad Ischl calendar.