Salzburg Peace Bureau provides psychotherapy for refugees

Salzburger Nachrichten 18th May 2016 | Photo: © SN/Anton Prlic
Hubert von Goisern - Salzburg Peace Bureau

On its 30th anniversary the Salzburg Peace Bureau seeks 30 donors for a total of 300 therapy sessions.
Hubert von Goisern is the first donor.

The Peace Bureau has been running in Salzburg for 30 years now. The organisation doesn't see that as a reason for a wild party though, says Director Hans Peter Graß (above right, with HvG, Ursula Liebing and Christine Czuma). "We wanted to dedicate the anniversary to those people who are confronted by war and displacement." Instead of a party, the Peace Bureau wants to organise psychotherapy sessions for refugees. It doesn't want presents for its birthday, instead it wants to give something to refugees. Under the Greek name Hiketides (The Wards), they are organising psychological support for those who have no rights to access such care. "For example, we want to support people who don't yet have residence status", says Peace Bureau Chairwoman Christine Czuma.

Hubert von Goisern is the first of 30 donors

In concrete terms, the Peace Bureau is looking for 30 donors, who will each donate 30 Euros per month for 30 months. This will guarantee the provision of therapy session on a continuous basis. The organisation was able to land a famous personality for their first donor. Musician Hubert von Goisern is the first to put his name forward to support the project. In view of the enormous demand for psychotherapy for traumatised people, he does not like to speak of being just a drop in the ocean. "I see it more like a stone being dropped into the water and creating ripples. If we can help someone, that's a wonderful example for many others", says Hubert von Goisern.

The Hiketides Project: how you can help

Hiketides, an initiative from the Platform for Human rights, offers traumatised refugees, who would otherwise have no opportunity to receive psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic support. Securing this work requires a long-term fundraising campaign - and that's why the Salzburg Peace Bureau is supporting it with its birthday wish!

For their 30th birthday the Peace Bureau would like:

30 people (or groups), to donate 30 Euros per month for 30 months to the Hiketides project. Smaller donations are of course also a great help. Would you like to be one of the 30, or make a small donation? Simply send an email with the subject "Hiketides 30" or "Hiketides donation" to The Peace Bureau will then send you further information and bank details.