Hubert von Goisern awarded Scala Humana 2016

5th May 2016 | Photo: Lions Club Linz
Hubert von Goisern - Scala Humana Award 2016

Hubert von Goisern awarded humanitarian prize

With the motto "we serve" at their core, The Lions Club is known internationally for its own fundraising efforts and involvement in community projects. More than 46,000 local branches have been set up worldwide since the organisation's founding in 1917, with more than 250 service clubs working in communities across Austria.

Keen to recognise others who also step forward to offer help, each year the Lions Club in Linz chooses a public figure to whom they award the Scala Humana Award. The prize recognises the recipient for their involvement in social matters and worthy causes. This year, at a gala celebrating the club's 60th anniversary, Hans Rohregger, President of the Lions Club Linz, presented the award to Hubert von Goisern.

"We are delighted to be able to support Hubert von Goisern's commitment to social issues," said Rohregger during the laudation. "His work with the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, his concert trips to Africa and not least the Linz Europe Tour are great projects in terms of understanding between people, between nations."

The award brings with it prize money of 9000 Euros, which each award winner is to allocate to the project of their choice. Hubert von Goisern will be donating the prize money to the "Habibi and Hawara" project in Scharnstein, a local integration project designed to bring people together from all walks of life. Similarly to the refugee home project recently begun in Salzburg, of which Hubert is patron, "Habibi and Hawara" will provide housing for asylum seekers and refugees. The project will also be developing affordable housing for young people and accessible accommodation for the elderly and disabled in the area.