Hubert von Goisern at Stars in der Manege 2003

8th December 2003 | Photos: © Elli Christl

Hubert's most horrifying appearance

Kronenzeitung December 2003 | Text: dax

Goiserer alpine rock star delights in the "Wheel of Death"

"The most horrifying appearance of my career!" Hubert von Goisern commented on his courageous show in the Munich benefit evening Stars in der Manege. With his eyes bound, the alpine rocker climbed about in the "Wheel of Death". At twelve metres above the ground, the 51 year old began to skip. Breathtaking!

"In the process, we had communication problems. Artist Freddy Nock said to me, when I had my eyes bound, everything goes the wrong way round," Hubert groaned and was jolly glad when he came to the floor and heard his hit Oben und Unten. Why did he do that to himself? "I wanted an illusion number like Verona Feldbusch, or to be a poodle trainer. Suddenly it was said that I should do the Wheel of Death." During training, he was given courage by his young daughter Laura (10), who climbed up the wheel herself.

Step right up!

BR Online 9th December 2003

HvGHubert von Goisern: Sleepless in Carinthia

"I haven't been able to sleep properly for three weeks," Austria's alpine rock hero confessed after his appearance. It was worth it: His appearance was probably the high point of the evening, not just measured in metres. The spectators held their breath as Goisern rose in the Devil's Wheel and turned until beneath the circus dome. Goisern had to skip at ten metres above the ground. Even Frank Elstner got weak knees...

Rock singer in the devil's wheel

Süddeutsche Zeitung 8th December 2003 | Text: Ines Treffer | Photo: Dornberger/dpa

Stars appear in the ring for a good cause

Under the roof of the sold-out Circus Krone in Munich, actors, sportsmen and pop greats transformed themselves into artistes, magicians or clowns on Saturday evening. Verona Feldbusch participated in Stars in der Manege for the third time. For others it was their first appearance: the Austrian singer Hubert von Goisern, who performed a daredevil number in the Devil's Wheel, admitted: "I haven't been able to sleep right for three weeks from excitement."

[...] The Austrian rock singer von Goisern showed real courage and ventured into the "Devil's Wheel". Several times the audience held their breath. The musician revolved in the traversing wheel until beneath the tent roof, in order to skip at about 10 metres above the ground. And he smiled, visibly relieved when he had firm ground under his feet again.

Hubert von Goisern / Stars in der Manege

Daring and brilliant: Hubert von Goisern appeared at Stars in der Manege with a Devil's Wheel that turned until it reached the circus roof.

A real devil of a fellow

Abendzeitung 8th December 2003

He moves around the wheel blind - until his phone rings

Sometimes the silences are the greatest. Not everybody needs the all the big trouble in order to make a big impact. Hubert von Goisern is one such person. He made the circus go wild with his number in Freddy Nock's Devil's Wheel. Quite simple, a concentrated smile on his lips, the inventor of alpine rock climbed into the drum and moved with skilful shifting of weight in the direction of the roof. Ever faster the wheel turned, ever more ecstatically the public responded. And as the sensitive musician dared a somersault or turned his circles blinded by a cowl, the atmosphere was electric under the dome.

But Hubert, who goes on tour again next year, can do more. Skipping in a swaying wire drum ten metres above the ground, that's tremendous! And there was endless applause for one of the best numbers of the year when up there, his mobile phone rang too and Hubert's sweetheart asked why he couldn't talk on the phone and whether another woman was the reason.

Hubert von Goisern

The alpine rocker under the circus dome: Hubert von Goisern turns in the Devil's Wheel like a professional. Just simply breathtaking.

Hubert von Goisern

A head for heights: ten metres high under the dome, Hubert von Goisern walked around in the Devil's Wheel seemingly effortlessly.

Curtain up on childhood dreams and nightmares

AP 7th December 2003

... Hubert von Goisern dared to do the boldest piece: highly concentrated, he climbed into professional acrobat Freddy Nock's Devil's Wheel and did laps through the dome like a huge propeller. With a blindfold over his eyes, the musician whirled around. And at dizzy heights, his mobile phone rang. Hubert von Goisern only seemed relaxed when he climbed down from the wobbly wheel. "That was the most horrifying appearance of my career," he revealed. He had had nightmares two weeks before.

Von Goisern turns in the devil's wheel

Abendzeitung 1st December 2003 | Text: mm

Hubert in the Todesrad"Stars in der Manege": Rehearsals start for the benefit gala

The hot phase begins, the rehearsal work gets into top gear. The participants in Stars in the Ring are making themselves familiar with the unusual environment of the Circus Krone and the unusual tasks: "I don't like swingboats, I have never been able to do that," says Hubert von Goisern at his first steps in the Devil's Wheel. But the alpine rocker shows amazing talent, uncommon ambition and full commitment.

The number has as much to do with swingboats as a Trabant has to do with Formula 1. On Saturday the big benefit gala from Abendzeitung and the Bayerischer Rundfunk comes round again, then the exciting number from the virtuoso musician must - and will - happen. Together with artiste Freddy Nock, von Goisern presents a circus highlight. It will not be the only the thing that circus director Frank Elstner can announce. For the 41st time, celebrities from theatre, film, media and sport will climb into the ring - and all for a good cause. The proceeds from the gala equally benefit the Werner Friedmann foundation for old artists and journalists as well as the AZ campaign for poor children. "There is no good unless one does it."