Sehnsüchte oder alles ist unheimlich leicht

Sehnsüchte...Hubert von Goisern wrote the music for Sehnsüchte oder Alles ist unheimlich leicht before the breakthrough in his career. A musical figure from his youth, Josef Atzmanstorfer, who once gave Hubert trumpet lessons, also made a contribution to the soundtrack of production, on piano and accordion.

Julian Pölsler (from Die Fernsehsaga) co-wrote and directed the film with Wilhelm Pellert.

Synopsis: The better men of the small town meet regularly in Haus Thaler, in order to forget their jobs and family life while among the merry women. But one day, the men find with horror that the gate is shut. The women have gone to the country for a few days to celebrate a godchild's communion.

The screenwriters Julian Pölsler and Wilhelm Pellert transfer Guy de Maupassant's story to a small provincial town under the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. "Haus Thaler" is a secret retreat, in which forcibly oppressed desires are acted out. And it has, aside from the church, town hall and court, indisputable value in the town - at least for the men. Julian Pölsler and Wilhelm Pellert have succeeded in making a psychologically differentiated representation of both the conventional customers and the "fallen women". (Filmdatenbank)