Hubert von Goisern: Haut und Haar

Haut und Haar

Hubert von Goisern - Haut und Haar

12.06.09 | 88697524192

  • CD 1 - HAUT
  • 01. applaus
  • 02. showtime
  • 03. auseinandertreiben
  • 04. regen
  • 05. juchitzer
  • 06. herschaun
  • 07. haut und haar
  • 08. die liab
  • 09. siagst as
  • CD 2 - HAAR
  • 01. fön
  • 02. neuer tag
  • 03. schönberger
  • 04. leben
  • 05. poika
  • 06. mercedes benz
  • 07. i bi ån
  • 08. weltuntergang

The new live album from Hubert von Goisern

Can you hear that?

These songs have a long story behind them. The starting point was Hubert's great vision with a simple aim: to bring together people of different cultural spheres and generations. To make the exception the rule, to allow a great great deal and to bring in a great deal. The challenge of travelling through Europe with a convoy of ships. To play with musicians from twelve European countries. To find his own young band, who were creatively and personally ready for it.

Then this storm of emotions: near disaster and euphoria almost every day on this two year journey. The decision, based on the confidence in what was experienced together, to go into the studio not with finished ideas for your S'NIX album, but to create an album in long sessions with your band. The studio, that's the laboratory. On the stage, a new element comes with the audience: moving together in passion and empathy.

Yes, you can hear it.

Thank you, Hubert, for the adventure that was big enough that everybody needed to contribute in order to bring it to a happy end. What's next?

Hage Hein
Blanko Musik