Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

they're coming, they're running
families with children
relatives, friends
come here, come here everyone

behind me cool music is playing
and things are going crazy
i don't need to do much myself
just put myself up front and look
this is where it's at, the smoke is rising
isn't this rock 'n' roll
aren't we all back where we
want to be?

tobagans naga
japanese cubans
nilotes scots
burmese chinese
cretans tibetans
catholics triplets

hey, please give me more of this music
hey, it can get much louder than this
more people should get going in their houses
i just wanna hear the backbeat
we're not in church; what's happening?
hey come on now, this is rock & roll
doesn't everybody in this world
have just what they always wanted here?

parisians walliser
ladins berliners
afghans teutons
fleming saami
kirghiz frisian
shi'ites sunnis
yeniche danes
bohemians romans
muftis goths
warm poor
thin fat


Auseinandertreiben (Drifting Apart)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

tell me, tell me we're continuing
everyone is asking, asking me
everyone's saying, saying what
can't be right

ever since I've been thinking, thinking that you're lying
ever since I've been thinking that you like someone else
i haven't known if I'm coming or going
and I just can't sleep
everyone's talking, talking about it
they've seen you with another man
and I don't want to know [the details]
just to talk about it

look at me, look deep into my eyes and then
tell me if it's true
because carrying on sadly makes no sense, but
i don't want to live this way
without you

no me damané
please don't ask me

meant for each other - we are
living separate lives - we are
attracted to each other - we are
clinging together - we are
in love together - we are
talking against each other - we are
getting at each other - we are
drifting apart - we are

there's a time when everything happens by itself
there's a time when you can ask
there's a time when everyone says the same thing
there's a time to agree
there's a time when you're just no smarter
there's a time when there are lies
there's a time when you can only fight with everyone
there's a time when they chase you away


Regen (Rain)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

Once upon a time
Is how most stories begin
But there are stories that have never happened
Or at least which nobody can remember
Like the story I want to tell you
But of course every story is at least a feeling
Of what once was
Even when it is not so

Like water am I
I just run and run
Rain come, rain goes
Nobody knows and nobody understands

Only if you are particular does fantasy count
Just as much as you and me
Because the moment you think of something
Something has happened
That's why it makes sense - when you think
To channel your thoughts
To where it pleases you, where it's beautiful
To where you are happy
Not stressful and strange, nothing sad and terrible
While outside it rains like never before

Weather is like love
You must take what comes and wait to see what will come of it
The way I waited for you, without knowing for what or whom I was waiting
In fact I didn't even know I was waiting
I just thought that something would happen sometime
At some point the rain stops
At some point the sun returns
Along comes something
Or somebody

Water runs, water runs...


Herschaun (Looking)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

Can I, do I want to, may I, should I or must I
Look - just look?
But I don't see what I don't want to see
When I look - don't look!

If I thought I was missing something
Then I'd pay someone to go for me, because
Suddenly nothing's going to plan, I'd rather
Stay where I am and think of something myself

Must I, every time something happens somewhere
Look - just look?
Am I going where I want when I go there
When I look - when I look

But when I think that I must go
Then I don't go, because I'd have no peace
Suddenly everything only works out when I
Am there where I think, because there I come up with something

Do we look away, look down upon, look into
Or do we look stupid - do we look stupid?
Do we watch everything, do we look away
Or do we look on - do we look on?

Suddenly things don't work out
So I'd rather stay where I am and think of something myself
And I never sing, I only shout
Because then everyone comes and looks at me

I don't ever want to sing, I want to shout
Because then everyone comes to look at me

Looking away, looking here, watching, not looking away
You don't need to look around, you need to look at it
Who said anything about looking in
You should look, only look, because
You can copy something
And you mustn't look up to something, only look at it, don't look with someone else, you should look yourself
So how do you look? Don't look stupid

But don't lose sight of yourself...


Haut & Haar (Completely)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

just like air and water
we are so very different
and even if we would so like it to be different
there's no way from me to you
neither prayer nor tablets help
there are no means for it
you're like powder and I'm like fire
we shouldn't touch

but then I think that's just the way it is
what does it matter?
then it's just the two of us together
a firework in the night

i want you today
i don't want to wait
i want you completely
i want you totally or
i don't want you at all
i want you now or never

in your eyes I see the same thing
you feel the same way I do
the way that we're crazy about each other
it's just happened
there's no going back, there's only forwards
or staying where we are
only when night yields to us again
do I start to think

and then I think, that's just the way it is…

when something happens as with the two of us
we can't fight it
you must take it the way it is
and be grateful for your good fortune
because this doesn't happen every day
and that's not a bad thing
because at some point you have to do something beyond loving
and find time for something else


Die Liab (Love)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

where are my feet taking me - mhm?
what do I see when I shut my eyes - mhm?
do I then look into yours - mhm?
can I then be with you - mhm?

love, love gives no peace
and every day it wants more
and because it does me such good
i can't fight it

will I find myself when I find you - mhm?
am I with myself when I'm with you - mhm?
are all your thoughts with me
as mine are always with you
i know that we belong together
and want to see you again soon

love, love gives no peace
and every day it wants more
and because it does us such good
we can't fight it

love, love is wonderful
and every day it grows
and as it once smiled on me
i could only see stars

why is the whole day - mhm?
not the way I like it best with you - mhm?
why are you so far from me today?


Siagst as (Do You See)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Xavier Naidoo, Hubert von Goisern

Safe journey, safe journey
A safe journey, I wish you
And in one way or the other
I'm with you in thought

Do you see, do you see, do you see, do you see
Do you feel, do you feel, it's getting better
When it is, when it is, when it is,
You will, you will, you will - know

After every long night
The light comes again
When the sun smiles upon you
Everything looks different for you

You became wise and quiet
I only mention it
You became wise, but your family
Your family is now us

Until, until, until, until that time
We must, we must, we must - wait
But the way, the way, the way it looks
Soon, soon, soon that time will come

After every long night…
Safe journey, safe journey through the night…

In winter in the darkness
When every star is hope
When the light goes out in your thoughts

Then only the memory remains
Of the light of the summer sun
Of when it sets golden behind the trees
And of the heat when it is high in the sky

We are nomads on new paths
Through the old world
We are nomads on old paths
Through the new world

Then comes from your memory
The light from the summer sun
That rises golden above the trees
Then you hear how the ice breaks
(And you feel it like a sharp sting)
Then you feel the burning and the heat
When it is high above you in the sky



Music: Hubert von Goisern | Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

All you want can happen
As long as you know what you want
Turn around and walk away
Before you take too long

But often I just can't accept that
And then I get a headache
And since things always turn out differently anyway
As it seems to me
I often get a headache

Holy Mary, mother of God -
What a day this is today
Wasn't really worth getting up for

Everywhere it's beautiful
Just not here with me
No matter where I am
The sun never shines for me
(just for the others all the time)
And when it shines for once
When it clears up a bit - when the fön blows
Then straightaway I get a headache again


Neuer Tag (New Day)

Music: Frauenlob/HvG | Lyrics: HvG

somewhere right now, the sun is rising
and a new day is coming
full of hope that everything will get better
or full of fear that it would be over and past

these days are rolling in and rolling out
rolling along
like water flows to the sea
and rising and falling and coming down as rain
back to earth


Leben (Live)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

every moment of life live, live
every day, put everything into it, everything
don't just talk about it, talk about it
it's not just about surviving, surviving

nobody can tell us what will happen tomorrow
that's why we prefer to live how, what and when we see fit
nothing belongs to us and nothing is free
that's why life itself is the greatest art

i want to live…

there's nothing to - consider
you're either on it or you're off the mark
what you have you must give
and if you don't want to then just leave it

nothing belongs to us and nothing is free
that's why life itself is the greatest art
i want to live...


Poika (Polka)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG

it's so loud
does it have to be
where has it come from
where is it going
i don't know that myself
hey, it's really stupid
really stupid, really stupid
but it works

such a confusion is really frightening
and not everyone can take it, as i see
such a fuss is not for everybody
but you never know, let's try it

let's act like we know what we're doing
because then everyone will think we know what we're doing
and let's tell those who think we should do it differently:
i do it the way i want and leave me alone


Mercedes Benz

Music & Lyrics: Janis Joplin / Michael McClure / Bobby Neuwirth
German lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

Oh lord, now buy me a Mercedes Benz
I need a car, but a nice one, please
I worked all my life, still there's nothing left
Oh lord, just a Daimler and I'd be content

Oh lord, I just came up with one more thing
I know I'm annoying you and you really don't have to
It just would be nice
If you'd grant me this, too
Oh lord, I ask you for eternal life

Oh lord, now just the halo is missing
It doesn't cost you anything and I would like it
It would be simpler for me, because one thing is certain
With a halo, you have much better success


I bi ån

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG

get up, come here and
sell me your soul
i want you all or nothing
think quickly and decide right now
'cos i won't ask twice
and the chance is gone in a flash
but with a shout
you're with me

i see it in your face
you're a bit afraid of the heat
hey, what could happen to you
apart from you sweating a bit
the sweat running
you being overcome
you beaming away
and singing with all of us?

i bi ån

but don't say "i can't"
'cause it's not something anybody can ever (do)
'cause that's something you can only do. Just do!
then your body will take over
as long as you just do the best you can

there where the beat is, there i want to feel it
there i want all of them at once and all of them together
there i want you too, hey mama come here and let yourself be jodlei jodlou-ed

but don't say "I don't know how to do this!"

(*i bi ån = i'm 'on', i don't need anything from you)


Weltuntergang (Armageddon)

Music: Lackner, Pohn, Schartlmüller, Trogbacher, HvG
Lyrics: Hubert von Goisern

yesterday we talked about it
and today we said
that if it goes on like this
not much longer
as hot as hell
unpredicatable gales
floods for ever more

but it's a long, long time
since we
sank together
as is right and proper
but today, but today

it looks as though

if the weather just stays this way
it will be that time again

oh and rascals, rascals
rascals we are
and as long as we are being rascals
we can get caught

one's got something wrong with his head
and the other with his knee
and many are fine
but they still complain
one has it in his toes
the other in his fingers

one can't talk
one can't sing

so it's a long,
long time, since we
sank together
as is right and proper
but today, today
the time has come again

that we weren't happy to be going home
if the weather just stays this way

what we told you
is what we can say
and what we didn't say
we can sing to you

from time to time along come
those who believe
that the world will fall with us
if we don't do it their way
one day we go to church
one day we go to a mosque
one day they'll nail us down
one day they'll blow us up

but it's a long,
long time, since we
sank together
as is right and proper
but today, today
it looks like

if the weather just stays this way
it'll be that time again