Happy Easter

12th April 2020 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Happy Easter,

Although this moment in time is not (yet) offering us what is meant by resurrection. Or is it? Aren't new ideas, new thoughts, a new way of life germinating and sprouting right now in these psychologically condensed worldwide weather conditions? Solidarity, generation-crossing responsibility, gratitude, the value of cooperation …
Yes, the situation is disturbing – if not threatening. But as a friend said recently: it's still better than war!
With regard to war. Whenever I've read or seen reports of war, I've wondered how people who continue to live their lives at the epicentre of a catastrophe can bear it. The explanation is: if it has to be that way, our nature can cope with the worst situations. We have resources within us we're not even aware of. And we're mobilising them now.
We have long known that the world needs new, more respectful direction towards the whole planet. For decades everything has bowed to the diktat: big, lots, cheap - bigger, more, cheaper - even bigger, even more, even cheaper ... a pyramid game and the devil takes the hindmost. The hindmost are the many, yes, the most. The majority of the world's population has to be satisfied with a fraction of the resources that the richest 10% of us have at our disposal. And these many also suffer most from the ecological damage caused by this excess and self-centred greed.
And what we are experiencing is just the beginning. The globalisation that everything is connected to everything is a fact. The virus demonstrates this to us with unprecedented clarity.
In recent times there has been repeated talk of HERDS and their immunity. The herd, that is, WE must also develop an immunity against stupidity, ignorance and lies. We must refocus our swarm intelligence. Together we are strong. Together we are the world we want.
But only if we take the logical conclusions from the experiences of this crisis. We must and can alter our behaviour. The present time shows us how much is possible.

HvG Culture Award 2020

The application deadline for the Culture Award passed two weeks ago. A total of 171 applications piled up. From every Austrian province, from Bavaria to Berlin in Germany, from Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, yes, even the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil … Wow!!! THANK YOU 😊
The way things look, the jury meeting will have to take place via video conferencing. The winners will be announced on Thursday, 23rd April. The award ceremony planned for 8th June has been postponed to a later date. We'll let you know more in good time.


The publisher has unfortunately had to postpone the release of my novel. The new date is 25th May. Of course, all the book tour dates that were to take place in May and June have been postponed indefinitely. When the situation allows, we'll make up the dates. I'm looking forward to it.


Wolfgang Spannberger and I are working diligently on finishing the new album in studio quarantine. (No harm without good 😊) Thank God we had all the recordings done and dusted before the travel limits were put in place. Only Andreas Schager's contribution worried us. In the end we found a solution and captured his voice in a forest on Palm Sunday.

So far so good,
Look out for each other, stay healthy, or get well and – if you're playing the Austrian game of Eierpecken, make sure your opponent doesn't hit you askew. Always straight on, tip to tip -  arse to arse!


Hubert von Goisern

Salzburg, on Easter Sunday 2020