Too early for a résumé...

October 2012 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Accommodating my webmistress's request,
or should I say, bowing to her gentle pressure,
I'll "for goodness sake" write something for the "desk" on my homepage.
Of course there's a lot to tell. But since barely a day goes by when I'm not standing on a stage and opening myself up to the audience (to say nothing of interviews), I understandably feel no great need to talk beyond that. And it's too early for a résumé.
The Austrian saying: don't praise the day before the evening, or don't count your chickens before they're hatched, applies in regard to the year too. It's not over yet, a number of tasks and concerts still lie before us.
Anyway - you shouldn't shout out about how well things are going.
It's said that the gods don't like to hear that, it makes them jealous.
Whoever wants to see us with this live programme (again), should look at the tourplan to see for which events there are still tickets available.
Ah yes, I don't intend to go on stage in the next few years.
Before people start saying: not him again,
(or for me, looking out at the audience: not them again), I'm going to pack my metaphorical bags and disappear from view for a while.
I've no idea what the future will bring. There's enough to do - countless dreams, ideas and plans, we'll see what works out and bears fruit.
Don't take any shit from anybody and stay cool.
In polite irreverence,

hubert von goisern

salzburg, october 2012