Hubert von Goisern: Freunde ... (das Leben ist lebenswert)

25th August 2020 | Film by Stefan Wascher / Boot Production


Hubert von Goisern - Brauner Reiter

Single "Freunde ... (das Leben ist lebenswert)" - out 28th August 2020

Friends ... (Life is worth living) - There are stories we don't like to tell and don't like to hear, of dark times and equally dark fates, of inconceivabilities and the abysmal depths of humanity. They belong to the history of mankind, they are a part of us. They don't disappear just because we don't remember them. They are invisible and we run the risk of crashing into them in moments of carelessness. Together with tenor Andreas Schager and rapper DAME, Hubert von Goisern tells the harrowing story of loving life in times of apocalypse.

Andreas Schager, Hubert von Goisern and DAME in the Lehàr Theater, Bad Ischl