Hubert von Goisern: Derweil 2

Derweil 2

Hubert von Goisern - Derweil 2

2 CD 19.05.23 | 196588201523

  • CD 1
  • 01. showtime
  • 02. auseinandertreiben
  • 03. regen
  • 04. die liab
  • 05. herschaun (live)
  • 06. siagst as (live)
  • 07. brenna tuat's guat
  • 08. hålt nit ån
  • 09. i kenn oan
  • 10. neama bång
  • 11. wildschütz räp (live 2022)
  • CD 2
  • 01. nit lång her (live)
  • 02. lebwohl (live)
  • 03. abend spåt
  • 04. snowdown
  • 05. es ist wahr
  • 06. wia da wind
  • 07. i bin ganz alloan
  • 08. alle 100 jahr
  • 09. i kann wieder fliegen
  • 10. deux petites mélodies
  • 11. quick, quick, slow
  • 12. tierische polka
  • 13. el ektro (live)
  • 14. dunkelrot (wohnzimmerkonzert)

It was during an artistic breather. Back in 2005. The Trad tour and more than 100 concerts were behind me, along with an unforgettable finale among the sand dunes of the southern Sahara, at the Festival au Désert in Mali (which can be experienced in the documentary Warten auf Timbuktu.) It occurred to Hage that it was time to release a compilation of my musical work thus far. (Hage Hein is my manager, record boss, publisher and booker, and personal friend.)
We chose 34 tracks from the 12 albums that had been released in the 16 years between 1988 and 2004. They formed a double album, which we called DERWEIL – meaning "so far".
18 years later and with a break in mind once more, it was Hage again, who said he wanted to repeat the process and create a supplementary showcase. This time there are 25 tracks. Like last time, it became a double album and like last time, we filled the discs to capacity.
DERWEIL 2 contains songs from 10 albums and spans the period of 2008 to 2023. Only Abend Spåt falls outside those dates, dating back to 2004 to be precise. However, it was orchestrated so wonderfully by Robert Opratko in 2014 for the film Österreich Oben und Unten that I just had to include it to represent the other tracks from this production. Wildschütz Räp is an old piece too. Originating in 1992 but re-recorded in 2022 and released in 2023 on Zeiten & Zeichen Live.
I know that a physical album seems rather nostalgic at a time when music is predominantly streamed or downloaded. It's certainly anachronistic. But there's a certain rebelliousness in anachronism. With that in mind: welcome to the past. I wish you an enjoyable and exciting journey through time,

Hubert von Goisern
Salzburg, Easter 2023

Hubert von Goisern - Dunkelrot aus dem Album Derweil 2

Single: "Dunkelrot" - Out 12 May 2023

Dunkelrot - Dark red and dark blue - cool, distant starlight on the one hand and glowing, warming closeness on the other. Hubert von Goisern has devoted a song to each of these sides on his album Zeiten & Zeichen, and it is the warm, sensitive side he sets to music in Dunkelrot. An exquisite song about love, recorded during an intimate live session on the last tour and now released as a live single. A gentle, melancholy melody with lyrics rich with imagery evoking a feeling of security.


Derweil 2

Hubert von Goisern has never done what was expected of him, and was consequently consistently successful from his beginnings as alpine rocker with Hiatamadl, to his expeditions to Tibet and Africa, the Linz Europe Tour on a converted cargo ship and the ground-breaking success of Brenna tuats guat. The Austrian's artistic range is being showcased once more - a good 15 years after the previous "best of" CD - on Derweil 2. The double album contains studio and live recordings from recent years and is a diverse, exciting mix. It was about time!