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Miscellaneous: 2002


9th May 2002 | Photos: © Conny

Hubert von Goisern won the Amadeus Award for Trad in the category Best National Jazz/Blues/Folk Album
Zabine won both Best National Newcomer and Best National Female Artist (Pop/ Rock) for Transalpin

Hubert von Goisern

The Gala

May 2002 | Photos: ©

Zabine yodelled happily

Die Presse 9th May 2002

... The Amadeus award system is a strange compromise: there are five nominees per line of business, from which the jury choose. So not only did Rainhard Fendrich win as Best National Male Artist in Pop/Rock, but the original Zabine, who works with alpine and other folk music, won in the corresponding female category. As thanks for a second Amadeus (as Newcomer) the loveable Tyrolean yodelled.

... Side swipes against ORF and Ö3 are already tradition: DJ Taylor & Flow, awarded as Dance Act, saw themselves as successful "despite the ignorance of ORF", Hubert von Goisern, appreciated in the Jazz/Blues/Folk category, complained about old TV material...

Amadeus Awards

OÖN 9th May 2002 | Text: Ludwig Heinrich

... Grief with Barbara Stöckl too: in front of the cameras, Hubert von Goisern complained about the ten year old photos ("Doesn't the ORF have anything new?) Barbara:"Unfair! He selected the photo himself beforehand."

Hubert also noted live: "I would rather not say anything more because last year I criticised two people (Bogdan Roscic, Gerhard Weis), and a few months later they were gone." Completely gone was former Alpine Cat Zabine, who, like the a cappella wonder boys from Bauchklang, received two trophies and made her delight known with a yodel.

The music plays here in Austria

ZabineThe Amadeus Austrian Music Awards were presented for the third time yesterday, Wednesday, evening in a glittering gala in the ORF centre

Vienna (APA): Zabine and Bauchklang have cleaned up, each winning in two categories ...

... Zabine copied the previous year's winner Marquee, who were presenting their new single Wonderman this time. The former Alpinkatze won in the two categories "Newcomer" and "National Female Solo Artist". The artist expressed her thanks for them with a yodel. "I have already told people in India too," laughed Zabine after the show. The prize is "cool", she is pleased. "Because after all, I'm not heard so often on the radio, since I've not really handed over easy stuff."

... Like last year, Hubert von Goisern, who was presented the Amadeus for Jazz/Blues/ Folk album, found critical words about the ORF. About the video to music from his work Trad, he said scathingly, "They were old pictures from 92. Does the ORF not have anything new? The Germans make the new pictures ..." The Dance Act of the Year, DJ Taylor & Flow could also not resist a sideswipe: "We managed this without the support of any media."