Hubert von Goisern and BAP - Dreimal zehn Jahre

November 2005
Dreimal Zehn Jahre

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For their 30th anniversary, the Cologne rock group BAP re-recorded their greatest hits with a number of guest artists, including Hubert von Goisern, Xavier Naidoo and Ray Davies.

The double album Dreimal zehn Jahre was released on 18th November 2005 and Hubert von Goisern is to be heard on the track Rita, mir zwei - he plays his accordion and sings a duet with Wolfgang Niedecken from BAP.

The collaboration continues: 2008: Hubert von Goisern performed with BAP on his Linz Europe Tour concert ship in Cologne. 2009: BAP also played at the Linz Europe Harbour Festival on 4th July in Linz. Learn more here: Linz Europe Tour

Studio session

Photos: Karl-Maria Hofer © EMI


What happened with the meeting of the two ethnicities: BAP and Hubert von Goisern?

Wolfgang Niedecken: That was really sweet. Hage Hein, Hubert's manager, made the connection, which worked straightaway. It was only about the suitable title. I sang the High German part of Rita on a demo tape and sent it to him. Then he came to Cologne and said, he would rather colour in the song with his dialect. Then in the studio he rewrote his part, so that the two ethnicities actually collided. It was really a great moment of dialect art, Hubert von Goisern is not an artist who sucks up to the people of his clan. You do that a lot in Cologne. Here, you constantly butter someone up, saying how super they are. (AMM)


Song by song: RITA, MIR ZWEI (1995) The tour with the Leopardefellband is over, there are only a few festival appearances lined up. Spend the time in between with the Leoparden guitarist Carl Carlton in Lanzarote. I've taken the two new pieces of music for the planned, otherwise compiled BAP greatest hits album with me, a ballad and a fast piece, in order to write lyrics for them here in peace. The original lyrics for the ballad is this here, which was then put away in Cologne in favour of Ich danz met dir and only taken out again four years later for Tonfilm. The idea of inviting Hubert von Goisern to Rita came to me quite late. Making the joint session, where he still had to develop his Austrian lyrics, all the more enjoyable. (


Rita, mer zwei rose to a downright classic Dylan track. The duet between Hubert von Goisern and Wolfgang Niedecken, fired by accordion and acoustic guitar, is a humorous and linguistically brilliant clash between the dialects of Austria and Cologne. (Capitol Music)


In the process, the guests prove almost casually that BAP lyrics work very happily in high German too, even in Austrian, as "alpine rocker" Hubert von Goisern shows on Rita mir zwei. (Freie Presse)


The high point among the guests is Hubert von Goisern's contribution, which brings together two very strong dialects. (Pop-Info)