Dachstein: Mountain of mountains in the Salzkammergut

18th October 2020 | Photos: 1 - © ORF/Markus Raich; 2 - © Hubert von Goisern

New ORF III "Land der Berge" feature-length documentary with Hubert von Goisern

The Dachstein, the main summit of the Dachstein massif, towers above the provinces of Upper Austria and Styria, clearly identifiable by its distinctive double peak, and is now the focus of a new Land der Berge documentary in which mountaineer and mountain film maker Markus Raich explores the impressive Dachstein mountains through the seasons. The production premieres on TV on 25th October 2020 as part of a two-day focus by ORF III for Austrian National Day on the "land of mountains" honoured in the national anthem.

Accompanied by a small team, Raich explores the dizzying routes of the Dachstein massif and its glacier in summer and winter and captures spectacular footage of the expeditions. Breathtaking images from unbelievable perspectives alternate with historical retrospectives and contemporary stories about the "double mountain". The animal world in this region is fascinating too: young ibexes are among the creatures seen, as they fight over territory, unbothered by the film production on the vertical rockface.

Hubert von Goisern is one of the famous names contributing to the new Land der Berge production and tells of his personal relationship with the Dachstein, while his music also forms part of the soundtrack for the documentary. "Just as there are melodies that don't let me go and which I can recognise from just a fragment - two intervals are enough to immerse myself - there are also mountains which have accompanied me through my life, the silhouettes, light and shadow play of which I can conjure up in my mind's eye at any moment," he says. "For me, the Dachstein is one of these everlasting landscape melodies."

On 26th October, the ORF turns the spotlight onto the nation's famous sons and daughters too and Hubert von Goisern is back on screen with Brenna tuat's schon lang. Directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller, the biographical film traces Hubert von Goisern's musical journey around the world, from his beginnings in the brass band in Bad Goisern to the smash hit Brenna tuat's guat.

Watch Land der Berge (only available in Austria)

Date Time Channel Programme
25.10.20 20:15 ORF III Land der Berge
26.10.20 23:40 ORF 2 Brenna tuats schon lang
27.10.20 11:05 ORF 2 Brenna tuats schon lang
28.10.20 20:15 ORF III Heimat Österreich: Brenna tuats schon lang
28.10.20 03:25 ORF III Heimat Österreich: Brenna tuats schon lang