Hubert von Goisern and Zdob și Zdub

8th February 2008

Musical collaboration between Moldova and Austria

During the Linz Europe Tour 2007 it became very clear that there was a real spark between Hubert von Goisern and his musical partners from Moldova Zdob și Zdub. Their joint shows in eastern Europe during the summer thrilled both the audiences and musicians alike.

Now you too can experience some of the musical magic! On 4th April 2008 the album Ethnomecanica by Zdob și Zdub will be released by Sony BMG. The music is an organic mixture of powerful hardcore and elegant Moldovan folk music - and as a special treat you will also find a joint ethno punk version of Koa Hiatamadl on the disc: Zdob și Zdub featuring Hubert von Goisern!

Ethnomecanica - Zdob și Zdub

Ethnomecanica - Zdob și Zdub

04.04.08 | 88697224902

  • 01. cosmic song
  • 02. boonika bata doba
  • 03. miorita
  • 04. hardcore moldovenesc
  • 05. cantec de drum
  • 06. sarba lui mihai
  • 07. haitura
  • 08. batuta
  • 09. this is the night
  • 10. gypsy & ufo
  • 11. ciocarlia
  • 12. tractorul
  • 13. zdub bateti tare
  • 14. intro joc
  • 15. koa hiatamadl (mit HvG)
  • 16. zdubi bateti tare