Hubert von Goisern becomes patron of Kunst im Ziegenstall

17th April 2019 | Photo: Horst Viertbauer
Hubert von Goisern, Margarethe Hlawa-Grundner und Bernhard Flieher

Winner of the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2018, Margarethe Hlawa-Grundner (above with HvG and Bernhard Flieher), won recognition for her project Café Kurkuma in Hallein, where more than 100 concerts and readings took place. The coffee house now goes by the name Pan Café and Margarethe and her husband Niklas continue to keep the stage alive with Kunst im Ziegenstall.

Hubert von Goisern is on board as patron: "I support Kunst im Ziegenstall, because art needs a stage in order to be experienced, because it brings ambitious people together with inquisitive people, because it's somewhere for artists and the audience to meet and mingle among themselves and with each other, because we need limits in order to be able to break through them."

The opening weekend will be celebrated with 3 evenings of music, beginning with the duo Kirschhofer & Kircher on Friday 26th April. On Saturday 27th April AVEC will be presenting her album Heaven/Hell and finally on Sunday, the first "Five o'clock concert" will be taking place – this time in collaboration with Institut für Alte Musik at the Salzburg Mozarteum. Hubert von Goisern will be in attendance on the first two evenings.

Hubert von Goisern in Hallein

ORF 21st April 2019

[...] Patron of the new culture association [Kunst im Ziegenstall] is Hubert von Goisern. Small stages such as this bring opportunities for young musicians, says Hubert von Goisern. "In the small place - that's where a plant grows and a seed sprouts and thrives. Everyone starts small. Such things are simply important, because it's not just in culture that young people are looking to get their foot in the door.

"They should all be given the opportunity to bring attention to what they're doing. It's not about the person, but rather what they do. There are enough people wanting to bring attention to themselves, without having actually having anything to say. And a café like this gives young people the chance to present their work and profile themselves", Hubert von Goisern continued.