Licht ins Dunkel: Hubert von Goisern collects donations

Hitradio Ö3 22nd December 2014 | Photos: Hitradio Ö3/Wolfgang Pfleger
HvG in Salzburg

All the celebrity guests who come to the glass Ö3 studio love to make a contribution to the Ö3 Christmas Miracle. Each in their own way. Hubert von Goisern decided to collect donations in person among the throng visitors to the Christmas market.

He could have sung, but preferred to motivate people directly to make a donation and got up close with his fans. Is it him, or not? Many recognised him straight away of course. And some couldn't believe their eyes. But it really was him, with the donation box for the Ö3 Christmas Miracle in his hands. And his fans made sure to fill it. In just a few minutes he collected more than 500 Euros.

HvG at Hitradio Ö3

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