Licht ins Dunkel 2016 - Light into the Dark

27th October 2016 | Photo: © Mischa Nawrata
Licht ins Dunkel 2016 - Hubert von Goisern

"If music be the food of love, play on!" Who would refuse this request as immortalised by William Shakespeare? Coming soon: the fourth edition of a CD with contributions by artists who support "Licht ins Dunkel". It's a perfect gift (maybe for yourself): an audio showcase for the year, a souvenir, something thoughtful with rich content. This silver disc also has decisive added value: 5 Euros go direct to Austria's biggest charity campaign. And we say thank you!

Seven organisations are members of "Licht ins Dunkel": Lebenshilfe Austria, Save the Children Austria, Society of Austrian Children's Villages, Österreichische Kinderfreunde, UNICEF Austria, Caritas Austria and Diakonie Österreich. It is the ORF who are to be thanked most of all for anchoring this campaign in the minds of the people of Austria. Every year the public service broadcaster reports extensively on the organisations' projects and activities.

This CD brings together established stars of the Austrian music landscape – from Seiler und Speer to Rainhard Fendrich, Julian le Play and Virginia Ernst (to name but a few). Then there are the names we remember with love and respect: Georg Danzer and Sigi Maron. And of course newcomers too, young artists and current bands such as Avec, DelaDap and Freischwimma.

Licht ins Dunkel 2016/2017 is the continuation of an annual compilation release that offers a representative cross section of the music scene and shines a light on music from Austria in general. Last year's edition of the album raised more than 20,000 Euros for Licht ins Dunkel.

Figurehead on this year's CD is Hubert von Goisern, who has contributed his bilingual ballad Deux petites mélodies from the album Federn. Eternal Lights – a composition from singer-songwriter and producer Axel Wolph, sung by native soul star Lylit – is the title song of the campaign. It's also exclusive to the CD. And for the finale Monika Ballwein & The Christmas Crackers (Virginia Ernst, Kathi Kallauch, Nadja Mader, Verena Scheitz, Elly V., Mirjam Weichselbraun) perform a song that similarly can only be found here. A song that anticipates the holidays and end of year: We Are Christmas. Simple and beautiful.

Licht ins Dunkel 2016/2017

Licht ins Dunkel 2016/2017

04.11.16 | MONCD140

  • 01. eternal lights - axel wolph feat. lylit
  • 02. der letzte schnee - seiler & speer
  • 03. jedermann - pizzera & jaus
  • 04. helden - flowrag
  • 05. hoffnung - peter cornelius
  • 06. magic - clara luzius
  • 07. no i ain't - virginia ernst
  • 08. emelie - filoud & mount (feat. buster moe)
  • 09. one goal in the end - deladap
  • 10. hand in hand - julian le play
  • 11. gravity - hunger
  • 12. nyft - avec
  • 13. slow down - andy baum
  • 14. geh nu net furt - sigi maron
  • 15. gspiast di - 5/8erl in ehr'n
  • 16. fian wind - freischwimma
  • 17. schwarzoderweiss - rainhard fendrich
  • 18. barbara baba - jimmy schlager
  • 19. wie woa weihnachten - georg danzer
  • 20. we are christmas - monika ballwein & the christmas crackers
  • 21. deux petites mélodies - hubert von goisern

An Evening for Licht ins Dunkel

14th December 2016 | Photo: © Mischa Nawrata
Licht ins Dunkel
Photo: © Mischa Nawrata

With the Licht ins Dunkel 2016/2017 album still riding high in the Top 20 of the compilation charts, stars from across the Austrian music scene gathered at the ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna on Tuesday night to present the album and lend their support to the Licht ins Dunkel campaign.

Together with Axel Wolph on the piano, Hubert von Goisern opened the evening with his ballad Wieder hoam before the audience in the Große Sendesaal and those listening at home via the online stream were treated to an almost three hour show from many of the artists who contributed to this year's album: Flowrag, DelaDap, Virginia Ernst, Hunger, Monika Ballwein & The Christmas Crackers, Jimmy Schlager, Andy Baum, Freischwimma, 5/8erl in Ehr'n and Axel Wolph feat. Lylit.

For the festive finale, Hubert returned to the stage with his guitar and was joined by all evening's performers. Together with the audience they sang the enduring Christmas song Es wird scho glei dumpa.