André Hellers Menschenkinder: Hubert von Goisern

ORF 26 October 2022 / 28 May 2023

He wrote himself into Austria alpine rock history with Heast as nit and Koa Hiatamadl, almost co-founding a music genre of his own. Hubert Achleitner, better known as Hubert von Goisern, made himself a brand in the Austrian music business with his very own mixture of rock music and folk music. Koa Hiatamadl held strong in the Top Ten of the Austrian charts for fourteen weeks. To mark his forthcoming 70th birthday, Hubert von Goisern, who based his stage name on his hometown, looks back at his life in this new episode of Menschenkinder. His career began in the local brass band, took him to South Africa for three years, then to Canada and the Philippines, where he defined himself as a world musician. In conversation with André Heller, the artist reminisces about the motives that have always guided him and the turning points in his career.