Online-Discussion: "I have nothing against foreigners. But ..."

"You know me, I've got nothing against foreigners. Some of my best friends are foreigners.
But these particular foreigners aren't even from the village!" (Geriatrix, Asterix and Caesar's Gift)

Internationality has many faces, and is widely accepted as a success factor in a globalised world. And yet having an immigrant background is seen as a disadvantage. What does internationality mean for us personally, and for our everyday life at an international university? How do we deal with things that feel "foreign" and define our own concept of what's "normal"? Together with a diverse group, Hubert von Goisern takes part in a panel discussion organised by the Vienna University of Economics and Business to talk about opportunities, challenges, and (academic) freedom in a world where borders are becoming more and more open – or are they?


  • Moderator: Riem Higazi - Founding member, presenter, and station voice at FM4, ORF
  • Marie-Thérèse Claes - Professor and Head of the Institute for Gender & Diversity in Organizations, WU
  • Hubert von Goisern - World musician, singer and songwriter
  • Majid Mgamis - Associate Professor of English literature and criticism, Member of Scholars at Risk
  • Shalini Randeria - Rector of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna, Professor of Social Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva

Live stream: 17th March 2020 at 18:00, as part of the WU matters. WU talks. series. In order to enable international audiences to participate in the discussion, the conversation was held in English.