Alex Pohn

Alex Pohn

Name: Alex Pohn

Lives: Vienna

Instrument: Drums

Musical beginnings: Musikverein Bruckmühl at the age of 9, first band Cryin' Onions in 1997, 1999-2003 studied at Gustav Mahler-Konservatorium in Vienna, 2003 pop music study course in Hamburg.

Career highlights: The collaboration with Hubert von Goisern as studio and live drummer and working as producer for Julian Le Play, AVEC and LEMO. Amadeus Award winner in the category Songwriter of the Year 2015 for the song Leya by Torsteinn Einarsson and Amadeus Award 2014 for Best Engineered Album for Melodrom by Julian le Play. Double platinum for EntwederundOder in Austria and gold in Germany. Gold for Melodrom by Julian Le Play in Austria. Collaboration on numerous music productions: SOHN, Violetta Parisini, Tyler, Madita, dZihan&Kamien, Hans im Glück, Edgar Tones & the Su´sis, Jazzodrom, Julian & Sarah Muldoon, Roisin Murphy (Moloko), Xavier Naidoo, Philipp Poisel, Konstantin Wecker.

Favourite music: Air, Elbow, Feist, John Mayer, Trio, Kings of Leon, LCD Soundsystem, Miike Snow, MuteMath, Phoenix, Radiohead, The Roots, Serge Gainsbourg, Sophie Hunger, TalkTalk ... and my own music too!

My perfect day ... happens when I switch off my thoughts and follow my instinct.

3 must haves for life on tour:

1. My pillow
2. Headphones
3. Running gear


Alex Pohn