Plans for 2024

20 February 2024 | Text & Photo: Hubert von Goisern

dear visitors of my digital media,
i get the feeling that there's a need to explain – no, not about the capital of culture opening – there's nothing to explain about that 🤭
it's about giving you all an overview of my public appearances in 2024. i know that last autumn i said that i'd be withdrawing from public life (and that's still my plan), but now announcements keep popping up in front of you that seem to call this announcement into question. it was no secret that i'd be appearing in the salzkammergut in the capital of culture year 2024 – for one thing at the opening ceremony, for another with the street music project, which will run through the summer and which i'll be performing with different line-ups, lots of guests, and only announcing at short notice. the only certainty is that i'll be appearing once in each of the 23 capital of culture municipalities.
but then there's the thing with the lungau big band. originally intended as a postscript following the zeiten&zeichen tour. i wanted to play 3 concerts, with the finale on 19 november 2023 in graz – had a heavy cold not scuppered that final concert. now the whole thing has run over into the new year: the postponed concert will take place in holy week. and since it's a really great, unique programme, which was a lot of work to arrange and organise, i couldn't resist the invitation to go back to vienna again. and since the year was then already contaminated with engagements, i added another six concerts in november. there will be no more shows other than those which have already been announced and added to the tourplan. 🙄 aside from two short planned trips to northern europe, that should then really be it 😁
have a good time, don't let yourself be defeated, neither by the confusion in the world, nor by your own gloomy thoughts.
keep your nose pointing towards the sun,
heart & light,