8th May 2015 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Sarah has just reminded me for the umpteenth time that there hasn't been a new entry on the "desk" for more than six months. How true.
You must know what it's like, you put something off for so long, until it's over the horizon and out of sight. And for a start enough time has then gone by that when you ask yourself where you should start and finish, you can only answer: better to not start at all.
Apart from that, it's all there to be read – Sarah has documented my activity in the last 1½ years well. Is my navel-gazing still necessary?
the productions released last year – steilklänge and filmmusik – are joined today(!) by the new studio album federn and Markus Rosenmüller has made a film about my life as a musician, which is currently showing in cinemas. But there's enough information about that on this website. Oh yes, we went to East Greenland too and played a concert there - the start of the tour. And in the meantime? I've done what everyone does: been annoyed, pleased, amazed, wrong, found myself, loved, slept, cursed, prayed ...

In 4 days we'll be back on stage. We'll be spending most of the summer "on the road" on the tour bus. As in 2012 the finale will be in Hallstatt, on the last weekend in August.
May the weather be on our side – there are lots of open airs. Perhaps we'll see and hear each other here or there. If so, I'm looking forward to it. In any case, I wish you all a harmonious and groovy time, or as the Tibetans say: Tashi Delek – good luck and blessings.

Salzburg, 8th May 2015