11th June 2015 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Things always take their own course. I'd like to always have them under control. But it doesn't work that way. I don't even always have myself under control - but that's good. Because you have to give the heart and gut a chance to be backed up by the tongue from time to time too.
It is in this light that the statements i've made about my colleague andreas gabalier should be understood. I didn't think that what he said at the amadeus awards was right. From what I gather from the interviews he's given since then, he realises that now too. And who knows, maybe he'll get it right yet on the matter of including the word 'daughters' in the national anthem too.

In any case I think his statement below on the subject of refugees is great and it moved me to write this.

salzburg on 11th june 2015

 "It's clear to me: Nowadays [...] we have a very particular responsiblity towards people who are fleeing. [...] Anyone who has to leave their homeland doesn't do it for fun. And anyone who loves their homeland, like I do, understands what people are taking on to leave their country. We're seeing dramatic pictures of displacement and persecution on the television at the moment! You hold out your hand to such desperate people who need help."
(Andreas Gabalier)