Thank you

9 April 2024 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

What an honour to receive the Amadeus for Lifetime Achievement. I was really happy to hear about the award.
Gradually, of course, thoughts bubbled up. The question: what does it all mean?
That's it now or something? Is it a plea finally give it rest? To step down? Kick back? Or at least tread more quietly?
The latter is inevitable for now after a knee injury I sustained while skiing in mid-March.
But by the summer it (the knee) should be going again. And then it's back to the roots: street music :))
In the Salzkammergut! In all 23(+1😜) municipalities of the Capital of Culture region.

Gratitude for everything that has happened thus far is flowing through me right now.
And I'm excited for whatever else life has in store.
Here's to all the future chances and ideas.