Open letter to Hannes Androsch

27 January 2023

Dear Mr Androsch,

Your open letter contains accusations and incriminations, which I cannot allow to go undisputed. It is deceitful, if not downright manipulative to insinuate that the members of the Capital of Culture committee were not informed about the programme of events for 2024 and the current state of play. How can you claim such a thing? Were you yourself not present – albeit only virtually, that is, on screen – at a presentation in which I took part? But it's well-known that video calls require a lot of concentration and make it difficult to comprehend what one hears. And a lack of understanding is possibly the reason for your statement that the programme is too "exotically global" for you. To say that in the Salzkammergut of all places, where for the long-term residents the exotic begins at the town limits! (I wonder, where do you position yourself – with the old-timers, or the exotic people?)

The programme for 2024 corresponds to the values that justify the title award. And it sparks curiosity. I have great confidence in Ms Schweeger and her ambitious team. Managing the abundance of tasks and interesting projects on a tight budget and in an extremely short time earns my greatest respect.

Incidentally, the role of "ambassador" on the committee is not to participate, but to support and promote.

Yours sincerely,

Hubert Achleitner
Salzburg, 27th January 2023