Hubert von Goisern: Open letter to John Otti Band and Norbert Hofer

22nd November 2016 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Dear Mr Otti and the Norbert Hofer campaign team,

In recent times I have been repeatedly asked why my songs - performed by the John Otti Band for example - can be heard at campaign events in support of Norbert Hofer, even though I am an avowed supporter of Van der Bellen. Much to my displeasure, the press has also addressed this subject. I have after all always very clearly and publicly opposed the simplistic, reactionary thinking of the Freedom Party's spokesmen and their inflammatory language.

Since I do not share the diehard manner and xenophobic views of Hofer's politics, I ask that you and all other Hofer campaigners refrain from further use of my music.

I stand for an open, tolerant and solidary society, for the reduction of fear of the unknown and new, and not for shit-stirring.

I stand for looking changes in the eye and looking forward, not for the attempt to stop time, or to even turn it back. That is what my music and my lyrics are about and I do not find these thoughts to be echoed by Mr Hofer.


>Hubert von Goisern