Meanwhile ...

9th May 2011 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

The first leg of the tour came to an end a few days ago.
It was a wonderful time. We really enjoyed being on stage together again for the first time in 20 months and playing for the audience the new songs that had developed during the winter months. The tour led us to the German Baltic Sea and to the back of beyond in Austria, out in the middle of nowhere, where the fox and hens say goodnight, as we say in Austria.
The 8 shows in the taverns were - as expected - experiences of a very special kind. Beautiful weather accompanied us on our journeys through Austria, along twisting country roads, through a blooming hinterland, bursting with signs of spring; journeys across rolling hills strewn with primroses in the Innviertel - through one of Europe's biggest woodlands; through the Kobernaußer forest - along the adventurous route into the back of beyond of the Großarl valley, over the Gschütt pass into the Salzkammergut - the lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains and blossoming fruit trees - the Waldviertel, Frankenreith bei Großgöttfritz, what a name! Leopoldschlag on the Czech border, there was a reunion with the Danube in Ottensheim and in Weng, at the concert at Zillner - there was a roast veal that makes me hungry just thinking about it. It wasn't always just romantic, but the country air and the close contact with the audience were good for keeping a grip on reality. For many people it was their first time at a concert. That makes me especially happy. It was a re-transfer. After taking folk music to the city, we now brought it back to its origins, enriched with urbanity and the breath of faraway places.

After one day to sleep in we were back in the studio. The final recordings for the new record, soon mixing will begin. Then mastering and if everything goes according to place we'll be finished at the beginning of June. But patience is required, as the work won't be released until 2nd September.
Those who can't last that long and want to hear the new songs, must come to a concert.
I don't know what else to add - oh yes, Servus TV accompanied us to the taverns and will be broadcasting the film later this year. Just keep an eye on the TV page.

So there you go - have a good time,


Salzburg, in May 2011