October 2016

29th October 2016 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

there once was – though this doesn't mean there no longer is.
i'm still on the road in spirit
and flying
with my friends across the stage,
soaring with the music.
yes, the barrel has been emptied, the cheese eaten, the sweet sucked …
however you want to put it – something has come to an end.
notwithstanding the associated blues:
it does feel right.
life is an adventure, full of changes and upheavals.
the old passes, the new is born, one becomes lost and is found again.
buddha said, it is pointless to speculate on the future.
it's imperative to be in the present – for that is the time in which life is taking place.
so be it.
let the memories stimulate us and be inspiration,
without clouding our perception of the moment.
therefore, the very best to you all,
beauty, strength and brightness.


a thousand thanks for the wonderful time together!


hvg – salzburg, 29. 10. 2016