Sourdough bread

5th February 2021

hello, dear readers of the website,

together with the austrian alps, the plans for the tour are currently sinking beneath deep snow. in the face of recent developments, it came as no surprise when i received the news that the start of the tour, planned for mid-april, wouldn't work out. our focus now lies on the summer and the time beyond that. we'll have to see what, if anything, will be able to go ahead. it's not in our hands. many organisers have been in touch with concerns about the summer, asking for postponements.
a good many concerts planned for 2021 will now take place in 2022.
but whenever and wherever, i hope you'll come and join us – so keep holding on!
be creative and make something out of what's available, or whatever works; and there's always something that works ;)
i'm baking bread at the minute – sourdough bread :)))

so, stay – or if you're not already – get well, be cheerful and resilient, keep your mental distance from your fellow members of our species for whom the earth is a flat disc, and from those who espouse conspiracy theories. the only worrying conspiracy is that of the fools. as entertaining as they may be as individuals, gatherings of straw-heads, in combination with agitators can quickly trigger a wildfire when sparks are flying. so, keep a cool head, this time will pass. with this in mind: don't despair, grow with the challenges.

there's still a while to go before the snow melts …
until then, i wish you strength and confidence, as well as
heart & light – yours,