1st April 2016 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Summertime has been ushered in. The first quarter of the year drew to a close yesterday. Shrovetide, Lent and Easter too are already in the past, just like our small, but excellent USA tour.
In contrast to my previous trip to the land of boundless (im)possibilities, this time I had many wonderful encounters and returned home with a bounty of inspiration.
It was also a relief to find just how many americans are ashamed of the verbal gaffes and mental attitudes of most of "their" presidential candidates. And how concerned they are about the image they are currently providing to the world.
Even if it was but a small consolation, i was able to assure them that they are not alone; that pretty much every country in europe has the potential to vote dangerous dilettantes and scatterbrains into government, if they haven't already done so.
When fear runs rampant, a quarter of people lose their senses.
The only important thing is to make sure we don't let this quarter take the helm, particularly not when the waves are high.