Dear Anna Netrebko...

6 March 2022

Dear Anna Netrebko,

I'm in complete agreement with you when you say that it is not the job of artists to take political positions, but instead to "unite people across political boundaries". Because that's what music can do! Because music is greater than politics. Politics is a part of culture, not the other way around. Music comes naturally to me, just as it does to you, so I understand your desire to focus on singing well without a concern for politics. But that is not enough. Paul Watzlawick put it very well: you can't not communicate.
I was really pleased when you clearly distanced yourself from the war and expressed the wish that it should be ended. For your voice carries weight, not just on the great opera stages of the world, but particularly in the hearts of your compatriots. Your post: "I urge Russia to end this war, in order to save us all!" was very important and very courageous in the face of your closeness to the aggressor! Why it was deleted can only be speculated upon. I can't and don't want to imagine what's going on in your world at the moment. I have friends in both countries and it's so painful to see how the hopes of entire generations are being destroyed. Ukrainian and Russian alike.

In shock and solidarity with all those who wish to live in freedom and peace,

Hubert von Goisern

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Concert for Peace, 8 March 2022 in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Unfortunately, I caught coronavirus a few days ago and and to my great regret I cannot be there in person on Tuesday, so I'm using my voice here and I encourage you to attend the concert and support one of the charities listed below.

Donate to emergency aid for Ukraine: Caritas | Volkshilfe | Rotes Kreuz