Regen brings blessings - Whitsun message

23rd May 2021 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Dear theologically-shrouded letter writers!
(Since it was only men who felt compelled to explain the true nature of God and Jesus to me with plenty of Bible quotations, I'll forego German gendering this time.)
Thank you for your detailed and undoubtedly well-meaning corrections of my thoughts, which were published in the May issue of "Grüß Gott" under the title "There's no fault to be found with Jesus".
However, your attempts to lure me into the arid desert of theological nitpicking and intellectual quibbling have no prospect of success.
I prefer the more fertile ground of compassion.
In this spirit - and as today is Whitsun,
don't send, but instead receive!
In the name of the Mother,
the Daughter,
and the Holy Inspiration,