The winter can come

17th November 2014 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Our short but sweet autumn tour had its finale yesterday in linz.
it's hard to believe. That which had just begun is already at an end.
twenty concerts in 4 weeks "on the road" – each one a gift.
Without exception, all of us on tour felt it went much too fast. It could easily have gone a little longer yet.
And it will. although not until May next year.
The CD with the new songs will be out then too. It's actually been ready since the summer – I just took the liberty of waiting for the tour, so as to be able to weave in some of the ideas, sounds and images garnered during the concerts too.
I thought it was very exciting to go on tour with a programme for which neither man nor beast could prepare themself in advance. it was a challenge, but the reactions showed that audiences are indeed receptive to surprises, if not grateful.
i'm very curious to see how the story will unfold, because that's what i want it to do.

but for now the winter can and should come :)))

I wish every visitor to the site all the best – merry Christmas and a happy new year. Here's to it being a glorious one for you all.


Salzburg, 17.11.2014