Zeiten & Zeichen: TV spots

Films by Stefan Wascher | Boot Production

"There are some things in life you can't choose: for example, the time or place in which you're born, or the weather. But what you can choose is the music you listen to". Hubert von Goisern's latest work brings together all of his ideas, the many influences that he has been able to collect over the decades as an active musician, as a traveller and as a person curious about the world. Dynamic, joyful and powerful, the album Zeiten und Zeichen is the modern distillate of this musical journey.

Hubert von Goisern recorded in the studio with his band, in the forest, in improvised concert halls and invited virtuoso guest musicians to join him - and he created a colourful masterpiece. His new album Zeiten und Zeichen surprises and challenges, and is considered and light-hearted, critical and spectacular.
Available now on CD, vinyl and streaming.