Hubert von Goisern: Zeiten & Zeichen Live

Zeiten & Zeichen Live

Hubert von Goisern - Zeiten & Zeichen Live

2 CD 12.05.23 | 196588198120

  • CD 1
  • 01. gamstod
  • 02. tag wie heut
  • 03. el ektro
  • 04. dunkelblau
  • 05. eiweiß
  • 06. novemberpferde
  • 07. rastlose liebe
  • 08. brauner reiter
  • 09. future memories
  • 10. grønlandhai
  • 11. meiner seel
  • 12. spät
  • 13. jodler für willi
  • CD 2
  • 01. freunde (das leben ist lebenswert)
  • 02. sünder
  • 03. wildschütz räp
  • 04. brenna tuats guat
  • 05. juchitzer
  • 06. neuer tag
  • 07. weit, weit weg
  • 08. heast as nit
  • 09. dunkelrot

The name of the venue alone demands something special, grand and celebratory from all who enter. That rings especially true for the stage. Not to mention the fact that Salzburg is my hometown and playing at home is always special. I have heightened expectations toward my "own" audience and then there are also the expectations I have toward myself. In other words, the emergency state of a concert intensifies. The sense of anticipation was huge, as was the tension. When delays arose after the doors had opened, because some of the front row seats had been sold twice, I got so wound up that I forgot my stage fright. After that, nothing could stand in the way of a worthy finale to our Zeiten & Zeichen Tour 2022.

The tour had begun seven months earlier at the Brucknerhaus in Linz. A kick-off that had it all. After postponing our Zeiten & Zeichen Tour I don't know how many times, the time had finally come on 1 April 2022. Right at the beginning of spring, we met on 20 March in Salzburg for final rehearsals. Everyone was full of anticipation, vaccinated and healthy, or like me, vaccinated and recovered. We brought the 2-year-old songs out of their pandemic slumber and made them ring out with great passion. All the preparations were taken care of. The instruments and all the additional gear were packed into transportation crates. We had a few days off to gather our strength and spend time with family and friends. But things never turn out the way you think they will. The very next morning, four days before the premiere, Ale, the keyboardist, called me; he'd tested positive. A day later it was Alex, our drummer, the day after that, Helmut, the bass player. Strangely enough, I never considered giving up. I felt like the "Dark Knight" from Monty Python & The Holy Grail, who has his limbs cut off one by one, yet steadfastly refuses to surrender. After all, I still had two aces up my sleeve: Maria, multi-instrumentalist and blessed with a wonderful voice, and Severin, master of pretty much any string instrument. I dared to put on a two-hour show as a trio. But just before 7am the next morning, the day before the premiere, my phone rang once more with evil intent. I was right. Severin's PCR test was positive. We became a duo. Still not prepared to cave to the circumstances, I called my management to request that they prepare the organisers for a special kind of concert. Then the phone rang again. "Please, not Maria!" I thought. But my luck had turned. It was Christoph Sietzen. Fantastic percussionist and marimba virtuoso. Four years earlier I had awarded him the Culture Award I founded. He was living in Linz and wanted to come to the concert but hadn't been able to get a ticket because it was sold out. He asked whether I might be able to find space for him somewhere, to which I joyfully answered: YES! There would be lots of space on stage, he'd just have to bring his instruments. It turned out to be a phenomenal evening, unforgettable for everyone in attendance. After three concerts, Severin returned and from the seventh show onwards, in Graz, we were complete. This initial, intimate little lineup shone a new light on many things. What I had regarded as a disaster became a gift, which changed my self-image, the notion of what or who I think I am. The opening lines of Dunkelrot express it well: I don't know from whence I've come, I don't know where I'm going … yes, I'm a dancer on a tightrope. It's tense because I give the impression – and sometimes believe it myself too – of being high above the ground. Although it's a couple of centimetres at most. But that will remain our secret. ;)

A great big thank you to all the people and powers who have kept us in their favour along the way.

Hubert von Goisern
Salzburg, Easter 2023

Hubert von Goisern - El Ektro aus dem Album Zeiten und Zeichen Live

Single: El Ektro (Live) - Radio Edit - out 5 May 2023

El Ektro - Little ironic power surges on bed of driving electro sound. "I don't want to dance", says Hubert von Goisern, his voice distorted by autotune – and yet he doesn't let you sit still. El Ektro is both a parody and an unconditional invitation to move. Played analogue on drums, marimba, bass, guitar and piano – live on the Zeiten & Zeichen Tour. A wild song in crazy times. Sometimes the world is a dance hall.  


Zeiten & Zeichen Live

Hubert von Goisern has stood on the stages of Europe for more than three decades - and has reinvented himself time and again. His most recent tour Zeiten & Zeichen had to be postponed several times due to the pandemic and his return to the stage in 2022 was celebrated by his audience all the more passionately. The last concert of this tour was a home game for the Austrian with the finale of the Zeiten & Zeichen tour being played at the Festspielhaus in Salzburg. The unique atmosphere of this concert was captured on film - and the soundtrack is now being released.