Hubert von Goisern - Zeiten & Zeichen Live 4 May 2023 | Text: Stefan Baumgartner

The new double album Zeiten & Zeichen Live is a retrospective of the Zeiten & Zeichen tour. It will be released on 12 May and was recorded at the tour finale at the Festspielhaus in Salzburg. The unique atmosphere of the concert wasn't just captured in sound, it was filmed too. The 22 tracks – among them Eiweiß, Brauner Reiter, Dunkelrot and of course Brenna tuats guat – either provide the opportunity to relive the compelling experience of the concert, if you were one of the lucky ticket holders, or to discover it for the first time. Either way: Hubert von Goisern has seldom played so intensely, thrillingly and truly energetically – although the bar was already set high.