Congratulations to the winners of the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2020

Maria Bichler - Culture Award

Maria BichlerWith her project Eat the Artist, the artist offers her self-portrait made out of bird seed as a source of food. Piece by piece birds are able to peck up the artist in her entirety all summer long. Maria Bichler, born in Schwaz, Tyrol, studied sculpture at the Higher Technical Institute in Innsbruck as well as plastic conceptions and ceramics at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz, and University of Arts in Berlin.

Julia Lacherstorfer - Culture Award

Julia LacherstorferThe project Spinnerin brings the female perspective of our songs more to our attention. It is a contribution towards making folk music research and the archive material a little more feminine and thus more diverse. Born in Bad Hall, Upper Austria, where she was shaped by folk music, Julia Lacherstorfer studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. She completed a Bachelor of Arts with distinction in jazz and improvised music and violin. Since 2011 she has worked as a freelance musician and composer.

Stefan Tiefengraber - Culture Award

Stefan TiefengraberAs part of the Society for the Development of Sound Art of Artistic Experiments, Stefan Tiefengraber organises sound art concerts at the Tresor Linz. His creations are based mainly on volunteer work, driven by the motivation to open this unique space at the Hauptplatz in Linz for sound art and other experiments. Stefan Tiefengraber, born in Baden bei Wien, lives and works in Linz. His artistic work ranges from audio video noise performances, video and interactive installations, to time-cased works such as experimental videos.

Jesse Grande - Culture Award

Jesse GrandeJesse Grande is a musician and theologian. Following his composition Zuggersiaß and the founding of the band JESSE he will be releasing his first LP this year. Grande is chairman of the Innsbruck Culture Initiative LoR., for the genre-crossing development of the youth Tyrolean music scene. The format includes regular music events at the Treibhaus, the concert series Around the Block, a radio programme on Radio FREIRAD and the streaming programme for LoR. TogetherAtHome with a donation account for the performing bands.

Florian Kreier - Culture Award

Florian KreierMusic and literature have an equal function in Kreier's work: mutually fertilising and nourishing each other. Florian Kreier was born in Traunstein, Germany. Aside from his main project Angela Aux he plays in a variety of bands (Aloa Input, Sepalot Quartet, Midnight Embassy). His aim is to reach people and translate important emotions and psychological impulses into a sustainable form. Kreier's art is about love, sexuality, resistance, rebellion, transcendence - and much more.

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Andreas Huber - Development Award

Andreas HuberAndreas Huber is an orchestral percussionist; bassoon player, and music teacher. He teaches percussion at the state music school in Enns and runs an inclusive percussion ensemble. The project Time Warp is a collaboration with dance teacher Martina Holzweber (concept and choreography) - "an exclusive, inclusive" dance theatre with music, in which not just impaired and able children are brought together, but children of different ages. With the aid of music young people are given the opportunity to break down barriers and create something together.

Claudia Schwab - Development Award

Claudia SchwabBorn in Styria and resident in Ireland for more than 15 years, the connection between Irish and Austrian music is a principal concern for Claudia Schwab. She wrote her dissertation on the subject of "In The Place Of Sound: The Musical Imagination of a Trans-Cultural Home Base".

Chez Fría - Development Award

The project "Chez Fría" stands for a young, up-and-coming generation of musicians, who want to help the Salzburg culture scene - with a mixture of accomplished musical ability, youthful indefatigability and visionary delight in experimentation.

OTTO Kulturgenossenschaft - Development Award

OTTO KulturgenossenschaftThe OTTO Cultural Collective creates and makes possible local and regional proposals. The outlook is international. The collective sees a sound art and cultural business in rural areas not just as a sweetener, but as humus for community, which sustains. The collective wants to renovate the "Alten Postsaal" as the "Neuen Postsaal".

Jan Langer - Development Award

Jan LangerJan Langer, born in Meran, makes country art, that is, art in nature. He creates transient art out of natural materials he finds, photographs the artworks after their completion and ultimately gives them over to nature once more.

To all those who applied ...

11th May 2020

Dear applicants for the HvG Culture Award 2020,

It was a very enriching, joyful, but also challenging task for the jury to select 10 winners from the 171 applications. Doubling the number of awards to be handed out made it no easier. Just like last year, it was the case that the vast majority of people were deserving of an award.

The fact that most naturally go away empty handed should not offend you. Such decisions are always subjective. It says nothing against the value or quality of your activity. I don't know if it's a comfort to you that I've never won such an award either, and have only made it through to the shortlist of a competition. After many fruitless attempts, I gave up and said to myself: I'll show them.

I sincerely thank everyone who applied and wish you all continued strength and joy in the realisation of your ideas.


Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von Goisern Culture Award Ceremony 2020

7th August 2020 | Photos: © Rosemarie Hlawa / Wolfgang Simlinger

The Hubert von Goisern Culture Award was presented for the third time on 5th August 2020. While the ceremony had taken place in Salzburg in the previous two years, this year the historic town of Hallein played host. 

In keeping with the requirements of social distancing guidelines, but fostering strong emotional ties nonetheless, this year's award winners and around 150 invited guests gathered at a remarkable and impressive event in the former salt processing site on the Pernerinsel. 

Owing to the precarious situation, which has become even more potent due to the pandemic, for freelance artists in particular, both the number of recipients and amount of award money was doubled to a total of €30,000 for 10 winners from the fields of visual arts, socially engaged arts, event initiatives and music. 

Following a welcome speech by Governor Wilfried Haslauer, which underscored the unifying nature and social value of culture in general and events like these in particular, there were wonderful performances, excerpts and insights into the work of the award winners. A joint performance by Hubert von Goisern, Claudia Schwab and Stefan Tiefengraber brought the evening to a close.

Guests and artists alike were thrilled by the diverse programme. Thanks to the support from the town of Hallein, which provided accommodation and infrastructure, the award winners were given a further two days after the awards to swap ideas and explore common concepts together, and the opportunity to present them in a final public performance on Friday, 7th August on the Pernerinsel. 

Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2020 presented

171 applications and double the prize money - the interest in the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2020 was great. "Rewarding perseverance and extraordinary engagement is a great show of support. At the same time, the diversity of artistic achievements becomes clear to us," remarked Governor Wilfried Haslauer at the award ceremony in the former saltworks in Hallein.

In response to the difficult situation in which cultural creatives find themselves thanks to corona virus safety measures, musician and benefactor this year doubled the award money to €30,000: "The world is full of unknown, great people. The many inspired applications prove this to me year on year. It is the intention of this award to bring focus and attention to some of these people, that they may give us courage to believe in this world, in the dream of beauty and truthfulness - especially in the face of reports often to the contrary", said eponym Hubert von Goisern. Alongside the five Culture Awards of €4000 each, five Development Awards of €2000 were also presented.

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