Hubert von Goisern Culture Award


Hubert von Goisern Culture Award

The Hubert von Goisern Culture Award

For the advancement of talent and perseverance; granted for outstanding commitment and achievement in art and culture in general, with a focus on music in particular. To support inspired and inspiring people; or to further innovative solutions and ideas, which benefit the common good. The award will allocate a total of €15,000 each year for ten years.

The Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2020

The Hubert von Goisern Culture Award is presented once a year. There are no age restrictions, or geographical limitations. Particular focus will however be placed on young people from the regions of Salzburg and Upper Austria.

Together with a three-member jury Hubert von Goisern chooses artists whose creativity and efforts deserve and require support. The financial support offered by the culture award encourages the winners to continue their work and to live out their creativity, enabling the public to both share in and be inspired by it.

"I was supported by many people through the penniless early years of my career. And these people did so because they believed in what I was doing. I want to keep that going: with this award I want to support people who artistically contemplate and deal with the world in ways in which I find exciting and important. I am in the privileged position to be able to do just that." – Hubert von Goisern

If you believe that your activities fit the criteria of this award, you are invited to submit an application for consideration via this website between 1st October 2019 and 31st March 2020. The award ceremony will take place in Salzburg on 8th June 2020. Should you have any questions, please send them to:

The jury

Hubert von GoisernHubert von Goisern - Chairman

Musician Composer and producer, working between the poles of world music and folk music, tradition and the modern.

Bernhard FlieherBernhard Flieher

Culture journalist Since 1992 Bernhard has been culture editor and columnist at Salzburger Nachrichten. On the editorial staff, he is responsible for pop culture and pop music. Aside from publications on the subject of pop culture and pop music in a variety of newspapers and magazines at home and abroad, he has published two books. He has also performed as a record spinner, touring with DJ evenings paired with literary readings.

Elisabeth FuchsElisabeth Fuchs

Conductor Chief conductor of the Salzburg Philharmonic, with which she has performed a wide repertoire in the great auditoriums of Salzburg. Since 2012 Elisabeth has enjoyed regular collaborations with the Stuttgart Philharmonic and since 2014 has conducted nearly every season of Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. Her work with children and young people is of great importance to her and she founded the Salzburg Children's Festival, Salzburger Teen Concerts and Salzburger Apprentice Concerts.

Elisabeth SchneiderElisabeth Schneider

Culture manager and mediator Director at "Das Zentrum" in Radstadt. The cultural association was founded in 1981 and is among the most significant cultural institutions in the province of Salzburg. As artistic director, Elisabeth is responsible for programme and project development, as well as implementation. For many years she has been active nationwide, including in Culture Council in the Salzburg Provincial Government, Leader Pongau etc.

Margarethe Hlawa-GrundnerMargarethe Hlawa-Grundner - Coordination

Musician & Cultural Event Organiser
Margarethe Hlawa-Grundner completed her studies in concert violin at the Salzburg Mozarteum. She now appears mainly with the Salzburg Chamber Soloists, as well as being involved in numerous other formations. In the summer of 2015 she and her husband opened Café Kurkuma in Hallein. From the very beginning, the little stage in the café was a venue for the arts. Since April 2019 she has been the chairwoman of the Kunst im Ziegenstall association, which manages that stage at the newly named Pan Café.

Congratulations to the winners of the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2019

Mirjam Bauer

Mirjam BauerBorn 1991. After completing numerous courses in the field of education, Bauer now works as a theatre, music and dance teacher, as well as musician, initiator and implementer in Salzburg. We have her to thank for projects such as the Grüntöne Ensemble, the Community Orchestra Salzburg, the Apropos Choir Salzburg and the Community Arts Network. She shows impressive engagement and great social responsibility in all her art education initiatives. |

Alexandra Cumfe

Alexandra CumfeBorn 1982 in Rosenheim. Active as a musician since she was 9 years old, she completed her studies in jazz and pop singing at Bruckner University with distinction. For more than a year now Alexandra Cumfe has been exploring the forests of Europe, predominantly those in Austria and Bavaria. She captures the natural world with her microphone and with her heart. She composes music from the sounds of the trees, wind and animals and from this creates songs. Wonderful songs.

Miriam Hufnagl

Miriam HufnaglBorn in 1995 and musically active since 2014. As Avec she allows an atmosphere and states of suspense to develop, which never fray into vagueness. Each sound, each minimal, dynamic shift hits home. Nevertheless, the 23-year-old Upper Austrian manages to create open spaces. Impurities remain, which create great closeness and familiarity. Great songwriting, with great potential for the future.

Birgit Koblinger

Birgit KoblingerBorn in 1984 in Linz, she impressed the jury with her artistic, social, collaborative, participative and creative ideas, which she implements with enthusiasm and dedication. Originally trained as a glazier, Koblinger then studied at the Linz University of Art and Design. Thus five years ago Koblinger turned to cultural work. As chairwoman of the Schlot Culture Association in the Franckviertel neighbourhood in Linz, getting involved is a matter of course for her. Community is a prerequisite and the result is added value for everyone who collaborates, for everyone who lives in the neighbourhood and for all those who go in and out of Schlot.

Florian Nitsch

Florian NitschBorn in 1984 in Wels, Nitsch works as a visual artist in Vienna, Marchtrenk and Brussels. After completeing his studies in contextual painting, graphics and graphic techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Nitsch pursued his desire for an active, direct form of painting. With his sound performance he has developed new impulses for installation art. On the basis of rhythmic music, dub & scratch in particular, in live performances he uses pen, iPad and projectors to create a visual and acoustic code for the space.

Wolfgang Rohm

Wolfgang RohmBorn in 1959 he works in Ottensheim as a theatre teacher. His "Theater Asozial" is a theatre without a home. They have no fixed location, instead rehearsing and performing where they can: in the living room, in the guesthouse, in the former town hall. This homelessness is part of their nature. They are not linked to any one region or origin, instead they are at home anywhere they are welcome. Rohm does not shy away from tackling complex subject matter with his participants and makes it possible for children and adolescents to explore their creativity and to help with organisation.

To all those who applied ...

A total of 151 highly interesting, very inspired and touching applications were sent in for the HvG Culture Award 2019.
Making the selection took an accordingly long time, as we read, listened to and watched everything thoroughly. Often many times.

All the members of the jury were impressed by the high quality. We could feel your pulse, your heart; in the music, in the images, in the texts and the projects you are promoting. Thank you for all your applications. I know how much work it is to describe your own deeds and put together an application.
The jury ultimated agreed upon the six winners above. The fact that everyone else has to go without an award is a bitter pill - for us too. But unfortunately that's how it goes.
I wish you all strength and relaxation in implementing your ideas and a lot of success in so doing!

Hubert von Goisern, May 2019

The award ceremony 2019

29th May 2019 | Photo: © Sarah Marchant
Winners of the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award 2019

Around 200 guests gathered in Salzburg on 27th May for the second presentation of the Hubert von Goisern Culture Award. As in the year before, the ceremony took place in the Marble Hall at the Mirabell Palace. Host, Mayor Harald Preuner welcomed the 2019 Culture Award winners and spoke of an enrichment for the city of Salzburg.

Hubert von Goisern and his jury selected six creative people to receive the Culture Award. Hubert von Goisern said, "Dedicating one's life to the arts requires not just talent, but a great willingness to suffer too. Artists need validation too. This is exactly what this annual €15,000 award fund is intended to do. It should bring attention to people and honour them. It provides the courage to keep going and the prize money gives the recipient a little 'room to breathe' too."

Alexandra Cumfe, Birgit Koblinger, Mirjam Bauer, Florian Nitsch, Miriam Hufnagl and Wolfgang Rohm stood out among the many notable applicants with their creativity and innovativeness. During the laudations the jury recognised their respective accomplishments and spoke of their reasons for choosing them.

The musical interludes from Alexandra Cumfe and Miriam Hufnagl provided a touching finale to the proceedings.

During the following reception, sponsored by Brauerei Thalheim, project ideas were exchanged, plans were made for the future and friendships were made. We can look forward to seeing the synergies that develop.

Previous winners