Bergwelten: Hubert von Goisern and Alex Huber in Greenland

18th November 2015 | Photo: © Timeline Productions

Greenland - lonely, icy, alien. Hubert von Goisern and Alexander Huber make their way through this
through this country. A musical and alpine journey to a mountain with no name.

The largest island in the world, Greenland, along with the Antarctic, has the lowest population density in the world. Just 3000 of the 55,000 inhabitants lives along the 20,000 km long east coast. The first contact with Europeans was not made until the 19th century. Today the country is facing difficult challenges such as a high unemployment rate, high suicide rate and a fast-changing climate. However the people and their landscape are fascinating and unique; a culture whose place in this region still seems a mystery.

Much of their culture is now history and yet the cultural roots are still alive and strong. In February and March 2015 mountain climber Alexander Huber and musician Hubert von Goisern set off to rediscover just this. Goisern, who has travelled to Greenland a few times before, will be welcomed by friends; during his previous visits he took his music and his instruments to this isolated corner of the world. This year he wants to re-establish cultural contact with the native Inuits with his band. This time with the support of an adventurer, who is also always looking for new challenges.

This is Alexander Huber's first time in Greenland and is guided through the country by Goisern. The village of Sermiligaaq is the meeting place for Hubert von Goisern; for Alexander later he has further to go: the adventurous journey to the end of the glacier, made by husky-pulled sled and by boat, brings him to the starting point for an unclimbed peak he wants to conquer.

It is a film about an unusual friendship and a fascinating country, in which the sounds of Greenland blend together with Austrian folk music.

Scenes from Greenland

20th November 2015 | Photos: © Timeline Production / Servus TV

Premiere at Bergfilmfestival Salzburg

25th November 2015

HvG and Alex HuberBergfilmfestival
19th November - 4th December 2015
DAS KINO Salzburg

Three days before being broadcast on TV, the film will be celebrating its premiere at the 22nd Bergfilmfestival Salzburg on 1st December.

With the title Berg ohne Namen the film forms just a small part of the diverse programme of the annual film festival, which focuses on the adventures, culture and beauty to be found in the mountain world.