To all those who applied ...

11th May 2020 | Text: Hubert von Goisern

Dear applicants for the HvG Culture Award 2020,

It was a very enriching, joyful, but also challenging task for the jury to select 10 winners from the 171 applications. Doubling the number of awards to be handed out made it no easier. Just like last year, it was the case that the vast majority of people were deserving of an award.

The fact that most naturally go away empty handed should not offend you. Such decisions are always subjective. It says nothing against the value or quality of your activity. I don't know if it's a comfort to you that I've never won such an award either, and have only made it through to the shortlist of a competition. After many fruitless attempts, I gave up and said to myself: I'll show them.

I sincerely thank everyone who applied and wish you all continued strength and joy in the realisation of your ideas.


Hubert von Goisern